CNG Solutions Technologies (C.S.T) is a dynamic forward-thinking and customer-oriented approach company. We were registered in 2011 as a CNG Installation company.

We managed to forge a very close relationship with our suppliers, suppliers with renowned experience in the autogas conversion sector and CNG Compressors, a relationship which entails the active and continuous development of our products. Thus, CNG Solutions Technologies conversion systems are the result of this relationship, combining the best technologically advanced development in the sector with the satisfaction of every customer’s needs and expectations.

All our systems abide by the international norms R110, R67-01 and ISO 15500, and respecting even the most recent European safety and environmental regulations with our installations done in accordance with NFPA 52 standards.

Our technicians are trained and certified to deliver a safe and functional conversion to all vehicles.

With great experience in the conversion of Bi-Fuel (Gasoline) and Dual-Fuel vehicles (Diesel) we at CNG Solutions Technologies will deliver a safe state of the art functional vehicle to our customers at a price that beats the rest.

Thank you for choosing CNG Solutions Technologies (C.S.T) for your vehicle conversion.

The Most Innovative Alternative Energy Conversion System.